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oh michael [should’ve been an abortion] vick has a clothing line? exciting! can’t wait to see how it compares to his existence on a scale of totally-fucking-wretched to worst-thing-created-in-the-history-of-nouns.

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gently used/new fatgirl items for sale!

hi guys!

i have a handful of dresses/kimonos for sale on eBay.

sizes 18-24 (US)

seller: bradleyaskew

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do people think this is like really romantic or something he can’t hold her because he has fucking scissors for hands

no people think it’s really fucking sad ‘cause he loves her and cant hold her because he has SCISSORS FOR HANDS

this reminds me of that porcupine who wants to be loved and hugged and play like a pup. frown.

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peter saville x adidas x secret garden

peter saville x adidas x secret garden

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pipers reaction to polly and larry is my reaction to polly and larry 

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Mariacarla Boscono for Bernhard Willhelm.


Mariacarla Boscono for Bernhard Willhelm.


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'Golden Goddess' - model: Mari Agory - photographer: Lindsay Adler - stylist: LSC - make-up: Griselle Rosario - Idol Magazine 2014

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